Leading from essence

Organisational Development with care for People & Planet

Friday February 14th 2020
Arbogast in Gotzis, Vorarlberg, Austria

When everything we treasure seems to be at risk, it is not about despair. Joanna Macy is showing that it is an opportunity to come alive to our truest power. How can we support Organisation Development with this shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization? We see a call for people who support regenerative change in organizations. Organisations can not longer been seen as mechanistic. But what does it mean if we want change in organisations with care for all living systems?

How could it look like if we would support individuals with (re)connecting with their true nature? If we would design learning processes where leaders explore to align head, heart and gut awareness? And how could it look like if we support processes with focus on purpose, interconnectedness and who are in itself generative?

We call out for leaders, (OD) consultants, trainers, coaches, facilitators, HR, L&D, for everyone who would like to explore with us how we can generate a vital and sustainable ground for learning in organisations.

Din van Helden and Monica Boos