Leading from essence

Organisation, a living system

* Presence by Peter Senge
* Theory U by Otto Scharmer
* The Necessary Revolution by Peter Senge
* Reinventing Organizations by Frederic Laloux


* The Future of Management is Teal by Frederic Laloux
* The evolution to the living organization by Norman Wolfe and Giles Hutchins

* Complexity economics by Brian Arthur
* Shift from the industrial growth society to a life-sustaining civilization by Joanna Macy.

Leadership Development


* Generative Leadership by R. Bushe
* The Dawn of System Leadership by Peter Senge, Hal Hamilton & John Kania

OD - Generative change

* The Essentials of Theory U, core principles and applications by Otto Scharmer
* Dialogue, the art of thinking together by W. Isaacs.


* Planned and Generative Change in Organization Development by Robert J. Marshak and Gervase R. Bushe. 
* Learning through nature, de natuur als katalysator bij leerprocessen by Anja Doornbos & Din van Helden
* Regenerative OD interventions: vitalizing the ground for more connectedness in organisations by Din van Helden

* Four levels of listening by Otto Scharmer
* The Children's Fire by Tim Mac Macartney

Nature connection

* Sky by above, earth below by John P. Milton
* Source
by Joseph Jaworski


* Reconnecting business and nature can help companies become more resilient by Giles Hutchins
* Solo time in the wild by Daniel Christian Wahl

Seeing ourselves as a part of the family of life by John P. Milton
Nature Experience as Transformative Practice by Joseph Jaworski